commercial air conditioning

Working in a busy office or workplace can sometimes get stuffy due to hot air. Elevated temperatures in an enclosed building make working environment uncomfortable and to the customers, it irritates. This is not good for business. Thanks to air conditioning, all this can be reversed. Air conditioning units work using the refrigeration principle of taking the heat away. However, the space to be conditioned must be enclosed otherwise the outside wind will work against the air conditioner. Business and the public building must have commercial air conditioning as a requirement.

Extra information about commercial air conditioning

Are there any laws about temperatures in the workplace in the UK?

Workplace temperatures in the UK are covered under the Workplace Regulations 1992. The Regulations place an obligation on employers to make the temperatures in the workplace bearable. Reasonable temperatures at work mean that there are minimum and maximum range. There is no clear code of practice regarding the maximum temperature limit but when it comes to minimum temperatures, the least is 16 degrees Celsius but it can drop as low as 13 degrees Celsius if an intense activity is involved. However, these are no legal obligations but a code of practice and the sole decision lies at the hands of the employer to provide reasonable workplace temperatures.

Why is important to make sure that commercial air conditioning is in perfect condition?

Keeping your commercial air conditioners in the perfect state plays a key role in its useful life. Secondly, a perfectly functioning air conditioner maintains cool air all the time. Also, a perfectly functioning AC unit would maintain a high level of efficiency. For this reasons, it pays to have your AC unit maintained from time to time. For instance refilling the refrigerant, replacing the thermostat, checking for leaks a host of other maintenance routines. By doing these activities, you prolong the life of the AC unit and also avoid costly repairs or replacement.

Where could commercial air conditioners be fitted?

air conditioning systems can be installed in all buildings that require air temperature regulations. For instance, learning facilities, retails stores, hospitals, airports, commercial banks and business or research organization that require air conditioning. If you need AC installation for your building, the installer may choose to fit the unit at the top of the building if it serves the whole building. On the other hand, the installer can fit the AC unit adjacent to your office floor if your cooling needs are less.